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Extra Brut

Selected Réserve

This wine, structured by a majority of Pinot grapes, is typical of the Gardet style.

. It is solely made out of oak-aged wines in the form of a Réserve Perpétuelle, and its unhidden powerful character will please amateurs of complex champagnes.

Two-step Maturation

Two-step Maturation



Fine cuisine pairings

Fine cuisine pairings

Bottling & Shipping

Bottling & Shipping

The Selected Reserve cuvée is made out of a very high quality blend which will age very slowly in time. These wines undergo a first maturation in oak barrels using a perpetual reserve method and then in bottle.

  • 1.Foudres: Those large barrels are made out of oak from l’Allier; their capacity varies between 25 and 40hl  and their age goes from 50 to 100 year-old for some.  The blend is matured in these barrels for a minimum of 12 months, in the form of a perpetual reserve started in the 1990s, giving it a very slight and slow controlled oxidation. 


  • 2.Bottle: Maturation then continues in bottle for a length of 7 to 9 years before disgorgement. Aromas therefore keep evolving towards more ripe and toasted notes.

Optimal serving temperature is between 8 to 10°C (46 to 50°F).

COLOUR: Bright, deep yellow gold.

NOSE: Delicate and straightforward at first, developing into notes of wheat, caramel, vanilla and ripe fruit.

PALATE: Pronounced aromas of fruit paste, candied fruit (orange), a hint of spice (cinnamon, vanilla), but also greedier notes of Viennese pastry. The texture on the palate is straightforward, with a certain underlying minerality.

This Champagne is designed for the art of the table and the French art of living. It is perfect with duck breast, scallop risotto, grilled vegetables or marinated skewers “a la plancha”.

Bottling period: June
Container types: bottles
Initial closure: crown caps

Final closure (after disgorgement): Traditional cork
Post-shipment cellaring: Ready to drink, can be kept in cellar conditions for up to 5 years.

Dosage Extra Brut: 4 g/L

Pinot Noir