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Dosage Zéro

A Champagne with purity and a charming depth.

The maturity brought by reserve wines allows us to let it free from any dosage, pure and chiselled like a diamond tip. The profoundness of Pinot grapes is here associated to charming and mineral Chardonnay grapes.

Timeline of the bottle

Timeline of the bottle



Fine cuisine pairings

Fine cuisine pairings

Bottling & Shipping

Bottling & Shipping

As per its name, our Dosage Zéro does not have any sugar added at disgorgement. This completely changes the tasting experience and requires an even more rigorous work all along the making of this cuvée.

Zero Dosage: At Gardet we count on the reserve wines’ roundness and cellar time to guarantee an optimal balance between the sharpness caused by the absence of sugar, and the smoothness from
maturing a blend of carefully selected wines .

Blend: Combination of wines aged in stainless–steel with others in oak “Foudres”, coming from several harvest years.

Best served between 8 and 10°C (46 to 50°F).


COLOUR: Pale gold with silvery highlights.

NOSE: Very delicate, with notes of white flowers, citrus fruit and spices. This is followed by more indulgent aromas of yellow fruit, brioche and vanilla.

PALATE: Fresh and lively. There are yellow fruit notes, as well as vanilla and brioche. A few spices come through at the end. The finish is marked by the structure and minerality of this cuvée, with notes of grapefruit.

The Dosage Zéro will reveal itself with seafood dishes such as scallop carpaccio with truffle shavings, shellfish / seafood platter or lobster. Its vinosity is also a perfect match for mature Parmesan cheese.

Bottling period: June
Container types: bottles
Initial closure: crown cap

Final closure (after disgorgement):
Traditional cork
Post-shipment cellaring: Ready to drink, can be
kept in cellar conditions for up to 5 years.

Non Dosé: 0 g/L

Pinot Noir