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Secret Collection

Champagne Gardet unveils a fragment of its past, long hidden in the privacy of its cellars: the "Secret Collection". It reveals timeless, deep and enigmatic vintages, witnesses of the House's history. Hidden in the wine cellar for all these years, they have crossed the decades and travelled through time. Champagne Gardet offers you this invitation to travel and discover mysteries.

The Secret

After more than a century of making Champagne, the Gardet cellars are now full of exceptional bottles that have been lying hidden all this time. Champagne Gardet now wishes to bring all these treasures of the past to light. Thus, behind the sealed door of the Oenotheque, long hidden in the discretion of the cellars, the "Secret Collection" was born, the embodiment of the House's history and ancestral know-how since its creation 128 years ago...

The Bottles

Each of the prestigious bottles in this Collection conceals a treasure... The bottles of this Collection will not be alike. You will find green and brown bottles and different shapes. Because the Secret Collection travels through time, the bottles are from different vintage years and different vintages. This is what makes this Collection so unique...1995 is the starting point of this Collection, which aims to retrace the most beautiful years of Gardet Champagne. The different vintages aged in the oenotheque will keep their bottle but will have a common label, cap and box. Only a technical label attached to the neck of the bottle with a wax seal will give information about the wine's vinification. Collection particulière, combines the know-how of the Gardet house and proposes unique vintages in their typicity and singularity. Different years and a know-how transmitted from generation to generation make these wines unique, anchored in the past and definitely enigmatic. Thanks to the label retained by the wax seal, you will be able to discover part of this secret...

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Rarity and Uniqueness

Among our treasures are vintages from 1996, 2000, 2002 and many other years, each more exceptional than the last. Because of the rarity of these Champagnes and in order to let them rest in the cellars as long as possible before disgorging them, the vintages will be disgorged on a case-by-case basis and with only a dozen bottles available per vintage. The entire production of this Collection is done 'à façon': the disgorging is done by hand, the dosage is made to measure according to the typicity of the vintage, then our team will dress and pack each bottle in its box with its own packaging and technical data sheet.

"A collection retracing the past of Champagne Gardet through exceptional vintages"

Christophe Prieux

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