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Press kit EnVol

Saturday 1 December 2018

ENVOL LABEL : Gardet voluntary engagement

Deeply attached to its roots in the Champagne region, Maison Gardet combines 21st century technology with the tradition inspired by the founder of the House, to produce champagnes of outstanding quality.

It’s why it has choosed to invest on the environment. EnVol label permit to identify and assemble all entreprises, particularly VSEs and SMEs, which commit to reduce their impact on the environment and protect écosystems and biodiversity.

Champagne GARDET is the first Champagne House certified EnVol. It green engagement is now recognized, thanks to its excellent management.

Rigour, technological innovation and respect of AOC reglementation are a part of Gardet values and engagement.

ENVOL procedure

It has been initiated on March 2018 and labelised on the begining of July 2018 by CCI France, LUCIE label and the Veritas Certification Office. LUCIE label is an organization community which take environmental, social and ethic issues. The label lasts 5 years with a documentary and practical audit and is only offered to VSEs and SMEs with less than 50 employees.

For small entreprise it stay on level 1 of ISO 14001 requirement (NF X30-205 standars) to assist their environmental progress and communicate about the progress while the procedure.

« Gardet has always had been environmentally aware in a "natural" way. »The executive management sought a way to boost the teams motivation while gratifying what was already realised : réducing ecological footprint, recycling always more and using of recycled goods. EnVol permit seting practical goals for our compagny size thanks to a constant upgrading. It also helped to bring the teams together around a unifying subject.» as explaine our winemaker and quality manager Stéphanie Sucheyre.

Why choosing Envol ? Attract new costumers, realise energy savings, anticipate the regulations, bring the team together on one work. Differentiating itselve is the principal goal.

How it works ?

1) Environmental analysis : Make the environmental analysis with all environmental aspects and impacts of your company's activities (strengths and weaknesses). Put your application and use the tools and tips to structure your engagement.

2) Analysis of the legal requirements: Provide the documents containing all the legal texts associated with your company, including the AOC specifications, the environmental code and the European regulations (European texts). Obtain the EnVol label: once your file has been validated by our experts, you are awarded the EnVol label.

3) Development and implementation of the action plan: A document listing all the actions to be taken to improve: the sensitive points, the non-conformities, the validated and verified actions and the opportunities of improvement. Use their tools to communicate your commitment to the environment.

4) Review meeting and formalisation of the commitment: An assessment of all the initial documents provided (environmental analysis, regulatory documents, continuous improvement plan). You will then know whether or not you have been awarded the label and if not, we can ask for a revision of the documents and a new assessment. And finally, we have to justify our environmental commitment, the will to improve and update our file online every year.



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