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Terre de Vins 2019

Monday 1 April 2019

Champagne Tasting 2019 Aged champagnes from Gardet

Present at Champagne Tasting this Saturday, April 6th in Paris, the Gardet house produces champagnes that give pride of place to black grapes - pinot noir, meunier - and are willingly crafted for ageing. A new product has appeared: a Dosage Zéro vintage.

Founded in Épernay in 1895 and relocated to Chigny-les-Roses since 1930, Champagne Gardet is a family owned estate that has been undergoing a nice revival for the past 25 years following its purchase by the Prieux family. The general manager Olivier Legendre (on the left in the photo above), who took over the reins with the new owners, has worked to relaunch production (from 400,000 to 800,000 bottles, knowing that the house has 5 hectares of its own and relies, for the rest, on supplies), to widen the range - 12 cuvées are currently produced - and to develop the commercial strategy. With 70% of its sales coming from exports, not only to the UK, but also to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Russia, Gardet now intends to expand into the United States, a market with strong development potential.

This 25 years of growth has been achieved while respecting the style of the house, very "Montagne de Reims" with its predisposition for pinot noir and meunier, perpetuated by the oenologist Stéphanie Sucheyre. "This identity is very important to us," explains Olivier Legendre, "as is our culture of ageing - three years for the non-vintage's cuvées, thirteen years in the cellars for our 2005 vintage that we have just put on the market. The result is champagnes with a style that is voluntarily vinous but fresh, made for ageing and gastronomy". "We firmly defend the idea that champagne should be drunk at the table, throughout the meal, with multiple possibilities of pairing, from the aperitif to the dessert, including of course the cheese", underlines the general manager.

During Champagne Tasting, on Saturday 6th April at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild (Paris 8ème), Champagne Gardet will be tasting the following three cuvées:

Extra Brut 2012 - 66% pinot noir 34% chardonnay (€38). The first vintage of the house, except for the 2005 which benefited from a longer ageing in cellars. This one has been waiting four years. Dosed at 4 grams, it displays a nice vivacity, a very measured vinosity, with a fresh, minty profile, juicy pear flesh, quite energetic.

Dosage Zéro - 66% pinot noir 34% chardonnay (33 €). A novelty presented at the last ProWein fair. Non-dosed, aged for 6 years, 50% stainless steel, 50% foudre, this champagne has an enveloping, intense nose, with dense, ripe yellow fruit. Slightly toasted notes, hay, very straight style, nice bitters on the finish. Thirst-quenching and elegant.

Brut Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs - 60% pinot noir, 40% meunier (28 €). The "emblematic" cuvée of the house, very representative of the Montagne de Reims. Dosed at 8 grams, this champagne has a more vinous character but also a fatter, smoother, creamier texture, with its notes of hazelnut and its subtle buttery texture. It is easy to imagine it with a nice poularde



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