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Champagne Gardet unearths the secrets of Chigny-Les-Roses.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Champagne Gardet excavates a piece of Champagne history.

Champagne Gardet was created at the end of the 19th century in 1895, when Charles GARDET settled in Epernay. In the 1930s, his son Georges GARDET moved to Chigny-les-Roses to develop the Champagne brand and carry on his father's legacy. Respect for tradition is at the heart of the PRIEUX family's concerns, and today they are the proud owners of the House. Champagne Gardet combines 21st century technology with tradition to produce exceptional Champagnes of international renown. Champagne GARDET began a new adventure with the acquisition of the cellars of the neighbouring house, PAGNON-LEGROS, which had been abandoned for over 100 years. Champagne GARDET is once again expressing its philosophy, tradition mixed with modernity, by giving a second life to these cellars.

GARDET - Pagnon - (2)

The story of a House with a glorious past.

Champagne LEGROS-PAGNON was founded in 1840 and closed, it would seem, in the early 1900s. Champagne PAGNON was an expert in the negotiation of Champagne wines. Old account books bear witness to this glorious past. The archives also tell us that a large majority of the champagnes were sold abroad, in Austria, Germany, Spain... And above all in England. Another interesting fact is that Champagne Pagnon was a licensed supplier to the Spanish Court, testimony to a champagne house that produced champagnes of excellence. This was a most prestigious title, as at the time there were only 83 official suppliers to this Court. The House later became a licensed supplier to the Court of Portugal, following its name change to Champagne LEGROS-PAGNON after the marriage of Léon Achille LEGROS and Elvine Célina PAGNON.

GARDET - Pagnon - (4)

The discovery of bubbles that have been at rest for centuries.

During the first exploration of these cellars, Champagne Gardet found itself transported 100 years back in time. Despite the age of the cellars, they were still sound: on the floor there were still old labelled bottles, old corks, but also bottles of champagne that had been lying "sur pointe", asleep for centuries, just waiting to be found. Although they are obviously no longer drinkable, it's always fascinating to come across such ancient bottles. During our visit, we were also able to see how old working methods were used: old numbers are still inscribed on the ceiling, indicating how to find your way around the cellars. There are also spindles between each level, used to move bottles from one floor to another. As for packaging, straw cases have been found that were used to wrap the bottles to protect them during transport.

This research into LEGROS-PAGNON's past helps us to remember how our ancestors worked and exported champagne not so long ago... It is fortunate that these cellars have been able to preserve so many memories.

GARDET - Pagnon - (3)

A new history is being written.

Since the beginning of 2023, Champagne Gardet has been giving these long-dormant cellars a new lease of life. They are spread over 3 levels, with a total surface area of 800 m². As these are old cellars that have been abandoned for a long time, it is imperative to start by making the premises safe and bringing them up to current standards, starting with the repair of the earthen floors. After this stage, the installation of the electricity will begin. The lighting chosen will be LED lamps coupled with solar panels, with a view to achieving autonomous electricity consumption and, as part of our ENVOL certification, saving energy and limiting waste production. Finally, the major challenge of these renovations will be to link the cellars of Maison PAGNON to those of Maison GARDET by digging a 25-metre tunnel 15 metres below ground level to link the two areas.

GARDET - Pagnon - (1)

A history, a legacy and a tradition will be passed on.

When the cellars were bought out, a 208 hectolitre oak barrel dating from the 19th century was found. This barrel was used to blend the PANON Champagne wines. It was a most exceptional find, not only for its size, but also for its composition. According to the experts, everything points to the fact that this is not a simple foudre, but an exceptional foudre, the little brother of the Pommery one. In the light of the results of this appraisal, it was decided to donate this masterpiece to the commune of Chigny-Les-Roses so that it could be exhibited and seen by as many people as possible.





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