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120 years Anniversary

Thursday 1 July 2021

To bring together years of history in one single Champagne: this was the aim of Maison Gardet while preparing this cuvee. A well-considered winemaking, realised in deepest secrecy, behind the door of Maison Gardet’s wine library. Out of this assemblage of 12 harvests and vintages with unique characteristics, a wine of a rare finesse was born.

120 years summarised in 12 harvests...

15 september 1943: after a mild year with no frost, the harvest begins in Champagne… This is also where the story of this cuvee composed of 12 exceptional wines begins. The blend brings us then in 1947, an outstanding year during which diseases seem to have spared the Champagne vineyards. Several years - including 1943, 1988, 1996 and 2000 - have been selected afterwards to join these two old vintages, filled with history. But it is finally in 2012 that this unique assemblage, which gives to this cuvee its typiciality and singularity, is completed. In the vaulted cellars of the House, Stephanie Sucheyre, œnologist, accompanied by Christophe Prieux and Olivier Legendre, secretly gives a second life to the old magnums and bottles that have been kept there for years. Together, they select and taste 12 rares wines with unique characteristics that will be at the origin of this exceptional cuvee. Thanks to different vintages and a knowledge passed on from generation to generation, this unique wine is well rooted in the past and really enigmatic.

CHAMPAGNE GARDET-dégustation-120-ans-1

An original cuvée...

Made from 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, this Extra-Brut cuvee (2g/l) is amazingly fresh and combines citrus aromas and floral notes. The robe is pale yellow, revealing silvery sheen. The nose is fresh and intense with floral notes. The palate is lively and releases the characteristic freshness of this wine, giving way to candied lime aromas. The production, limited to 12000 bottles, 1200 magnums, 120 jeroboams and 12 methuselahs, all numbered, is explained by the rareness of the vintages used in this blend and underlines the exceptional nature of this cuvee.

Scarce and unique

Black, as to remind its history and the age of the vintages which compose it, the bottle is decorated with gold and silver to reflect the alliance between tradition and modernity of Maison Gardet. Hidden in our wine library for all these years, the various bottles used for the assemblage of this cuvee have crossed the decades and travelled through time. Maison Gardet invites you to this journey. Join us onboard and discover the finesse of this wine, coming out of our cellars…




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