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Wednesday 1 March 2023

Gardet, a committed Champagne House

The House produces its champagnes in compliance with the strict AOC regulations and traditions. It ensures its commitment to the environment and quality by giving its staff the necessary means to implement the quality and food safety policy at all levels of the company. This commitment is the subject of several labels and certifications.

" EnVol ", ISO 22000 and HEV Labels

Envol label since 2016

Gardet is the first Champagne House to be awarded the « EnVol » label (VOLuntary COMmitment), which identifies and brings together all companies that are committed to reducing their environmental impact and protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity.


ISO 22000 since 2012

ISO22000 is an international standard for food safety. It is applicable to all organisations in the food industry. At Champagne Gardet, the application of this standard allows us to provide impeccable traceability and to control the food safety of our champagnes for our customers at all stages.


HVE certification

Agricultural and wine production has an impact on the environment. In order to control this impact, a third of Champagne Gardet's supply comes from vineyards certified as having High Environmental Value.

Cases and caps for the environment

Committed to respecting the environment, Maison Gardet uses recyclable cardboard and paper cases that comply with the FSC standard. The labels of the packaging are printed with biodegradable inks based on vegetable oil and are manufactured locally, less than 100km from the House.

Champagne Gardet uses MYTIK Diam corks which are certified "OK bio-based" and are 80 to 100% bio-based. They avoid 100% cork taint and are environmentally friendly. They are used on part of the range of champagnes.


The alliance between tradition and modernity

At Champagne Gardet, the alliance between tradition and modernity is at the heart of our concerns. The support for environmentally friendly working methods sometimes involves simple but very effective actions such as replacing all the cellar lighting with LED bulbs.

Where tradition requires a specific method of conservation in the cellar (a constant temperature of 12°C, protected from light), modernity makes it possible to improve the equipment in place by replacing more than 200 bulbs with LEDs.

This change reduces the environmental impact of the House. The advantage of LED bulbs is that in addition to having a reduced consumption of electricity, they have a much longer average life than a conventional bulb. This will allow for a significant increase in the time between light changes and will limit electricity consumption and waste production


CSR at Champagne Gardet: Recycling is a meticulous organisation

At Champagne Gardet, environmental initiatives such as recycling are a daily requirement. All the materials used on a daily basis for bottling and packaging the Champagnes: corks, capsules, wirehoods and of course the glass bottles, are recycled.

All parts of the bottle are carefully separated and sorted. All the by-products of the winemaking process are sent to the distillery for proper treatment. Cardboard is recycled and a composter is installed in the estate's garden to limit food waste.

Every little action counts. Preservation of the environment is essential both personally and professionally and Champagne Gardet strives to improve every day.



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