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There’s always been a powerful connection between roses and champagne, rosebushes and vines. Both are creeping shrubs, with a strong complicity ; one producing the noble grain, the other shaping fragrant colorful blooms. But above all, two plants susceptible to the same disease – powdering mildew – which was still devastating a few centuries ago. Because the rose plant displays symptoms of this disease very early on, wine growers in the Champagne region developed a habit of planting rose bushes in their vineyards in order to spot the symptoms earlier and avoid contamination of all their vine stock. Although mildew is no longer the plague it once was, the rose has remained the protector of vines through the centuries. Maison GARDET carried on the tradition by creating an exceptional rose: La Perla® de Gardet, whose aesthetic and sensory characteristics are a perfect reflection of our Champagnes. La Perla® de Gardet is the embodiment of the relation between the House and the queen of flowers. It is a romantic Rose pastel-colored. This ADR-approved hybrid tea has umbellate flowers, giving it a certain air of nostalgia, representing the historic bond between roses and vines… La Perla® de Gardet reveals a fresh and delicate fragrance while its dense leaves show the strong vivacity of this rose.

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