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The management’s policy on the environment and commitment to quality.
Since its founding, GARDET has safeguarded the quality of its products. The house makes champagne according to AOC regulation and the region’s traditions, following constantly strengthened quality criteria in order to meet customers’ expectations. The house is open to customers’ concerns and input and can answer them directly through the HACCP approach, instituted in 2000 and through their product traceability.
The house directors have demonstrated their commitment to quality and the environment by:
– Creating a “quality team”, by raising employee awareness of customers’ expectations and providing them the means to apply the quality and food safety policy at all levels. Monthly work groups are organised for the “quality team”.
– Setting up a legal monitoring system to integrate and apply all the laws and regulations concerning food safety and the quality of its champagnes.
– A commitment to involving all partners (suppliers, service providers, grape growers, etc.) in the house’s quality approach.
– Applying the Quality Management System (Système de Management de la Qualité – SMQ) network within the company to guarantee optimum in–house communication.
– Defining key indicators and setting objectives. The management and the quality team meet twice a year to make sure that the quality system remains adapted the house’s needs and that the internal procedures are still effective.
– Organising production flow within the company in order to limit industrial waste (paper, cardboard, plastic and other types of waste).
– Investing in equipment to treat production waste water.
– Entrusting the Quality Manager with coordination of Food Safety management measures.
The house is committed to creating quality champagnes that will increase GARDET’s renown.

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