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When Stéphanie Sucheyre was invited to take the reins of the blending at Gardet Champagne in January 2007, she agreed to write a new chapter in the house’s already rich history. In this chapter, the traditions handed down by Charles Gardet meet 21st century possibilities that result from technical revolutions, while retaining every bit of their authenticity.
Stéphanie Sucheyre has gathered all her knowledge from her studies in Montpellier, her dual training in oenology and wine–growing, her first experiences in vineyards from Burgundy to Languedoc–Roussillon, her early love of strong, tannin–rich red wines and her almost coincidental meeting with the Champagne region and its sparkling wine; given all these experiences she has distilled from them a life philosophy that is evident in her own personality, the perfect balance between modernity and tradition that the house strives for.
“Our champagnes have a strong personality, a characteristic marked with both maturity and modernity that I’m absolutely determined to keep. I consider myself a little bit like the custodian of a precious tradition – but a thoroughly modern custodian wishing to convince even more champagne lovers about the outstanding quality of Gardet wines”.
Sparkling wines with a sparkling character.

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