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Army and Navy Club

Army and Navy Club is one of London's most prestigious private clubs, welcoming members from all over the world, for officers and former military officers. Almost 200 years later it is still one of the most popular London clubs in Saint James Square. Offering Tradition and History to its members, it is this common philosophy that makes this partnership with our House even stronger.

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Caves Caprioglio

Les Caves Caprioglio, in Nice, offers more than a century of experience in the food trade first, then in the sale of wines and spirits. The third generation continues the development of the establishment, adding to its large selection of wines an ever-expanding selection of prestigious bottles. This family history echoes ours within Champagne Gardet and has been for more than 30 years.

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Rob The Gourmets' Market

ROB Gourmets ’Market, in Brussels, Belgium, brings together true taste enthusiasts, proud to share their best selection of terroirs and wines. "Quality and taste", two values shared by our two establishments in the selection as well as in the development of artisanal products.

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